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Simply turn the Do-Not-Call registry into Pay-To-Call me registry. It seems we cannot stop Robocalls or Telemarketers then we can at least make some money off of them. All calls entering the USA or not on a White List on your phone will be charged to call your phone number. It works in Europe and for 1-900 numbers why not for individual users to stop unwanted phone calls. Even the treat of this will stop calls.

Premium-rate telephone numbers for us all. :) If you cant stop it, profit from it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premium-rate_telephone_number


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over 1 year ago

We should do the same for SPAM emails; charge the sender;-)

over 1 year ago

How could this "sounds stupid". So you have a better idea?
I think not, because this is a grat idea making them pay us to call our numbers. We have to pay our cell phone companies for text messages that come into our phone if we don'y have a text plan setup. From 5 to 25 cents a call. Than't costing me money for something I don't want to come into my cell phone. So why now get payed from these robo calls to call and use my number for their gain.

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Would all my friends have to pay to call me? or just those not on my White List. Wouldl everyone need to get new phones that can store a white list? Do callers not on my White List just get dropped? Political parties and charities can legally place robo calls. The challenge rules say the can not be blocked.

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