*86...it's time to 86 Robocalls.

The idea is simple. When consumers receive a robocall, they simply hit *86. This action plays a message like "hold on, let me get my mom" and transfers the call to a call center. Consumers will actually LIKE call centers in this case. The call center receives the call, along with the Caller ID so they know who to impersonate. They go along with the call long enough to document the violator. Then the violator is fined. For participating, consumers receive $1,000 every time a call they forward results in a collected fine.


over 1 year ago

Sounds Great To Me....

over 1 year ago

This does not stop the call from rining my phone in the first place. It would take a massive call center to handle all the robocalls nation wide. The caller ID is usually usless because the ID is not real ... it is a random set of digits that might actually be your grandma's phone number. And if the call originates outsides the US, fines will not be inforceable.

BUT....I do see this as a good second line of defense along with something that would prevent most of the robocalls from ringing my phone.

over 1 year ago

Sorry I wasn't clear...the caller ID would actually be YOUR info going to the call center so they know who reported the call, etc. hopefully the fines get rid of all US based calls and the call center can adjust staff per the demand. Cool?

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