Robo NoGo

I've come up with something that can change the way the world receives and BLOCKS Spam and ROBO CALLS forever!

This device is called The "Robo NoGo". Its a very easy device to use.

Step 1: Plug in your device Step 2: Start Blocking, Reporting, and Having those robo and spam callers finded $1,500 for each call they make.

Simple as that!

Not only does this device fully automatically decline potential spammers and annoying pre-recorded calls, but it also does the following...automatically without you ever having to touch the device;

● Report calls to FTC ● Add your number to Do Not Call List ● Keep Track of potential IP address calls, robo calls, and foreign unlisted or unknown aliases ● Pre-programmed with all rogue calling numbers known to the call prevention registry ● Block unwanted callers ● Block PPI callers ● Block Withheld callers ● Block Certain International Call. Users can change this as needed. ● Block IP/Chat/Back end Internet Calls ● Stop harassment calls ● stalkers, ● Overseas call centers, and in USA ● Faxes ● Recorded messages(They can no longer even leave a message on your machine because the Robo NoGo does not allow those blocked users to do so)

Features of Robo NoGo: -USB port -Dual Ethernet ports -Dual Phone line ports -Sleek and minimalistic design -Color options -About the size of your hand!

Vote for the Robo NoGo to help get rid of all those annoying calls!

Thank you for reading.


over 1 year ago

Good point! Post updated friend.

over 1 year ago

Check out the update! ;)

over 1 year ago

It is superbly !!!!!!!!!!!

over 1 year ago


over 1 year ago

A great idea!! Very good concept! Congratulations.

about 1 year ago

Really nice concept

about 1 year ago

Keep it up bro

about 1 year ago

Great Idea, but where is the product...? If this is just a wishful concept, to implement what you have listed above, you have to go through some $Ms worth in Software/System Integration work ! It will be a massive undertaking !

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